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This is too much.

Kevin Allen, a 36 year old black man, has been shot and killed inside a library. A library of all places. What would it take for everyone to see that the cops are actually coming for black people?

He was described as a quiet man who frequented the library and liked to watch videos and listen to music at the computer stations. He was shot around 1:35 PM and taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

How are the racists gonna justify this? Black people getting killed shouldn’t ever be some commonplace occurrence we should just have to accept. This is an epidemic. This can’t be the world we live in.

Cops would kill black people for buying (allegedly stealing) cigarettes, wearing a hood, jaywalking, being in a library, playing with a toy, sleeping, the list goes on and on.

It’s as if white people just want black people to stop existing.

I knew there was evil in the world, but I would’ve never imagined anything like this explosion of racism since August 9th could ever be possible again. And the sheer fact that white people are not only ignoring and disregarding this genocide, but they’d even go to great lengths to justify it. 

How does it feel, looking for reasons to justify murder? Aiyana Jones was only seven. Tamir Rice, only twelve.

Racism is far from over. Kevin Allen, along with the thousands of innocent black people killed in less than one year, never deserved to be forgotten.

This is unjustifiable.

How in the hell can you even fabricate a cause in a library?

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