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May 19 2015

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Life Tips.

May 18 2015

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Library Porn

Library of the Wiblingen Monastery, Ulm, Germany

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May 17 2015

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May 13 2015

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Super sprzedawca :D
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May 10 2015

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by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo
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May 08 2015

April 30 2015

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April 25 2015

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April 24 2015

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Really happy to see this at my local library

OOOOH. *happy YA librarian dance*

I want this in every library, everywhere. After all, some kids won’t even google this stuff because they don’t want parents/siblings checking their browser history.

This is really awesome. And if you’re not familiar with how the Dewey Decimal system works - the numbers subject-based, which means these numbers are applicable in EVERY library. So if you see something you want to research on this list - look for those same numbers in any of your local libraries.

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April 19 2015

April 18 2015

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April 16 2015

April 11 2015

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April 07 2015

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April 05 2015

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April 03 2015

April 02 2015

Clementinum National Library, Czech Republic
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